Billet Yamaha YXZ1000R Race Edition Rack

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The Yamaha YXZ1000R Race Edition Billet Rack is a 6061 Billet Rack body with a Heat-Treated Chromoly shaft & Slop/Play Adjuster. Included are 6061 Billet Tie Rods with 5/8 heims and Heat-Treated Chromoly Taper Pins. read more




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We have been designing this rack for quite some time. We wanted to get it right the first time so you can have piece of mind and we have done just that. We spent laborious hours trying to make the best rack possible and yet make it affordable enough for working-class racers (like ourselves) and after being in numerous Short-Course, Desert Racing and Duner YXZ’s, we can wholeheartedly say that it is battle-proven.


The Rack is a 6061 Billet body that was masterfully crafted and CNC’d. The shaft is heat-treated race-quality Chromoly, and it’s all Made In The USA. In Las Vegas of all places is where we did the tuning and adjustments necessary to keep you going even through the toughest settings. The¬†Yamaha YXZ1000R Race Edition Billet Rack also includes a slop/play adjuster, so you can make an audible on the fly whether in a race or on the trail.


Add-ons include: Our adjustable Billet Tie Rods, 5/8 Heims and Heat treated Chromoly taper pins. Custom tie rod lengths are available per request at additional cost.



Our design is proven to withstand up to 3X the abuse vs. OEM.

Heat-Treated Chromoly taper pins are even 4X stronger.

No fabricating necessary, this is a bolt-on replacement steering rack.

6061 Billet Tie Rods ensure that you will spend more time driving, and less time fixing and adjusting; and we also include a One Year Warranty as well.



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