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Do you like nature? Do you like thrills and adrenaline? Do you like powerful engines and feel challenged by difficult mountain trails?

In this article, we offer you some ideas and benchmarks regarding what off-road means to us, STV Motorsports Team.

Off-road means that we love and respect nature, we like to roam the mountains and hills, we love cars and powerful engines. Any off-road accessory helps us to exceed our own limits – quality suspensions ,  strong winches , approved reflectors ,  recovery equipment.

If you are not yet an ardent off-road fan, we offer you at least 5 reasons why you should practice and love off-road .

1 – Both for those who practice off-road only occasionally, it is a good opportunity to spend time in nature with friends and why not, family . The off-road trips can last a few hours or even a few days, depending on the degree of difficulty of the chosen route. Off-road can be practiced on the trails of the mountains, and the natural variety of the relief allows practicing other activities in parallel, such as climbing, hiking, etc.

2 – The off-road vehicles are powerful and built in such a way that you “enjoy” trying them in extreme conditions, in order to discover their true value. For this purpose, what is very important is to have a clear idea of what type of off-road you are passionate about.

If you are passionate about yachting, you will use the vehicle in certain conditions, equipped in a certain way. If you like a fast off-road, you will probably enjoy a 4×4  vehicle, without rigid axles.

To be able to practice a sustained and extreme off-road , you need a vehicle with rigid axles, lockable differentials, large wheels with an aggressive profile and “turned” rims with negative ET with suspension lift, possibly body-lift, with seats with four-point belts or more, with shields underneath , especially at the oil pan and gearbox, with additional front and rear projectors for night routes, with metal bars for body protection.

3 – The time spent in nature , associated with the time spent with friends, can only be a very precious, pleasant and comforting time. In individually organized off-road trips or in larger off-road competitions, with an organized setting, it is the perfect place for developing and strengthening current friendships, teamwork , socializing, establishing new relationships with people with similar interests and passions.

4 – Another element that comes together with everything mentioned so far, is the increased level of adrenaline . Difficult, even impossible situations offer a new opportunity to test the limits of the vehicle being driven, and of your own limits. Any new challenge represents a new level of development reached and an impressive dose of adrenaline.

The off-road adventure is practiced among rocks, mud, rugged terrain. You will certainly enjoy sensations taken to the extreme, and you will open new horizons of physical and sensory capabilities, which you will want to repeat and surpass every time.

5 – What do you choose when practicing off-road? With new skills, techniques and driving skills .

The more difficult a route is, the more interesting and challenging situations you will be put in. You get to develop quick reflexes, to realize emergency strategies, and to follow the exit from the limit situations. Past obstacles strengthen the relationship between an off-road practitioner and his vehicle.

Extreme situations end up increasing confidence in one’s own strength and the capabilities of the vehicle being driven.

With the hope that we have aroused your interest even more in the off-road field, we are waiting for you to equip your car accordingly , and to share with us the sensations experienced by you on the routes traveled.

For any other questions or additional information, do not hesitate to  contact a specialized consultant.

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